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When I Work Login, Recover & Set Up Instruction

When I Work login is a fundamental and vital step to access and utilize this platform’s capabilities. Logging in might be tricky for new When I Work users. 

In this post, Censusfgs will show you how to log in to your When I Work account.

Overview When I Work

When I Work is an international software firm formed in the US in 2010. The firm provides staff and scheduling management software for organizations to boost productivity and save time. management of staff. When I Work was created, it was a free online work time management software for small enterprises. 

Overview When I Work
Overview When I Work

But, with quick expansion and user contributions, When I Work has become a huge firm and is financed by notable technology companies such as Great Hill Partners, Drive Capital, and Arthur Ventures.

When I Word Login On The Website Guide

The When I Word website lets you create, edit, and share documents. To use all of the website’s features, you must log in to your account. If you don’t have an account, you must establish one on the website.

Here, Censusfgs shows how to get into your When I Word account:

Step 1: Access the Wheniword login page

First, open a web browser on your computer or mobile device and type https://login.wheniwork.com/ in the address box.

Then, press the Enter key on your keyboard or tap the search icon.

Step 2: Fill up your account details

After step 1, a When I Work login window will appear on your screen.

Then you need to enter your wheniwork email and password in the respective fields.

Check your login details and hit the green “LOGIN” button to proceed.

When I Word Login
Step 2 to login into your When I Work account

NOTE: If your login information is accurate, you’ll be routed to When I Word’s homepage and allowed to utilize its services. From here, you may edit, create, or work on documents online.

Using the When I Work Team Scheduling App

When I Work Team Scheduling simplifies staff scheduling. If you have a When I Work account, you may manage and organize your work using this app.

  • Simple time clock.
  • Communicate with employees one-on-one or in groups.
  • Monitor and approve shift exchanges and time off requests.
  • See the full staff schedule anytime.
  • Via the app, clock in and out of shifts.
  • Switch shifts with colleagues right away.
  • See job schedules anywhere.
  • Take up additional hours with open shifts.
Using the When I Work Team Scheduling App
Using the When I Work Team Scheduling App

Step 1: Download and install the When I Work Team Scheduling app on your mobile device. You can download the app from the App Store or Google Play. Here is the link to download the application:

Step 2: Open the When I Work Team Scheduling app and click the “Sign In” button.

Step 3: Enter your email address and password in the respective boxes and click the “Sign In” button.

Step 4: If your login information is accurate, you’ll be brought to the app’s main page and may access When I Work features.

Note: If you can’t log in, check your email and password.

How to Recover Your When I Work Password?

While using the When I Word website, you may forget your password or have account issues. Censusfgs’ explicit instructions on how to retrieve your When I Word account are below.

Step 1: Open When I Work account recovery page

First, access the home page of When I Word by opening a web browser.

On the home page of When I Word, click the link “FORGOT PASSWORD?” below the login button.

Recover Your When I Work Password
Step 1 to Recover Your When I Work Password

Step 2: Enter the recovery email

After step 1, a password recovery window will show up on your screen. 

Then, enter the email address associated with your When I Word account in the “Email Address” field Next, click the green “SEND RESET LINK” button.

Recover Your When I Work Password
Step 2 to Recover Your When I Work Password

Note: Try entering alternative email addresses if you don’t recall the one you used to sign up for When I Word.

Step 3: Reset Password

Following step 2, When I Word will issue a password reset link. To proceed, click the email link.

You may reset your password on a new page.

Next, enter your new password in the “New password” area and re-type it in the “Confirm Password” field to confirm it.

After entering all the details, hit “Reset Password” to finish account recovery.

TIPs: For account recovery or website issues, contact When I Word support.

How to Sign Up For When I Word?

To use the When I Work Team app, you must first establish an account on their website. After signing up, the app lets you manage and organize your work. Here are directions on how to establish a When I Work account.

Step 1: Visit When I Work’s registration page

Start by visiting When I Work at https://wheniwork.com.

In the top right of the home page is a “Sign Up” button. Click this button to start account registration.

Step 2: Fill in registration information

After pressing the “Sign Up” button, the website will go to the account registration page.

To make an account, you’ll need to fill out your name, email address, and password.

Provide a valid email address and 8-32-character password with at least one capital, one lowercase, and one number.

Step 3: Choose a service package

After registering, you will be sent to the service plan selection page.

When I Work offers different service packages, depending on your needs.

You may choose a free service plan or a premium service plan for additional features.

Step 4: Complete the registration

Before registering, read and accept the When I Work terms and conditions.

If you want While I Work updates, click “Subscribe to our newsletter.”

Then, press the “Sign Up” button to complete the account creation process.

Contact the When I Work’s Support Service

Contact the When I Work’s Support Service
Contact the When I Work’s Support Service

The following methods are available to contact When I Work customer service:

  • Online support page: To reach the online help page, go to the When I Work website, pick “Support,” then “Contact Us.” Enter your details and submit a support ticket online.
  • Email: You may contact When I Work customer care at support@wheniwork.com. This is a simple method to contact queries that don’t need to be responded right away.
  • Live Chat: When I Work provides online chat for timely assistance. To begin a chat, go to the online help page and click “Chat with us.”
  • Phone: Call +1 (855) 375-4065 to speak with When I Work customer service (Toll free in the US and Canada).


  • When I Work hours are 7:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. CT, Monday through Friday (UTC-6). 
  • If you contact them outside of these hours, you’ll probably hear back the following day.

Recommend Similar Platforms While I Work

There are several HR and calendar management platforms similar to When I Work, including:

  • TSheets: Intuit owns this time and calendar software. It allows HR managers to easily create work schedules, track employee time, apply for leave, and confirm work done. TSheets connect with QuickBooks, Xero, and Gusto.
  • Deputy: An electronic calendar and HR management program let HR managers schedule work and track time and attendance. Deputy interfaces with Xero, Gusto, and ADP.
  • Shiftboard: This is a calendar management program that enables HR managers to schedule staff, validate leave requests, and give integrated solutions to manage work and working hours. 
  • Homebase: As an online HR and calendar management tool, Homebase enables HR managers to generate schedules and time attendance, and manage various locations or branches. Homebase also manages time, money, and working time.

Each of these platforms has its own features and benefits, so you may compare and select the best one.

FAQs about When I Work

What special features does When I Work have?

When I Work offers many special features to make it easier for businesses to manage their schedules and employees, including:

  • Work schedule management: When I Work allows managers to create work schedules for all employees, view work schedules by week, month or year and change work schedules easily.
  • Job registration: Employees can register to work, request to change their work schedule or apply for leave easily through the mobile application or on the web.
  • Integration with other applications: When I Work integrates with many other applications such as QuickBooks, Gusto, ADP and Square to support HR management and payroll.
  • Send messages and emails: Managers can send messages or emails to all employees or a specific group of employees to notify them of work schedules, requests, or other information.
  • Time Tracking: When I Work provides employee time tracking using card readers or mobile apps.
  • Payroll management: When I Work manages payroll, working hours, allowances, tax, and insurance.

What are the When I Work prices?

When I Work offers many different price packages to suit the needs of businesses. Basic packages include:

  • Basic plan: Scheduling, job registration, working time management, basic wage calculation, employee messaging, and rudimentary statistics start at $2.25/user/month.
  • Pro plan: starting at $4.50/user/month, includes all the features of the Basic plan, plus additional employee performance reviews, order management, and detailed reporting features.
  • Enterprise plan: Customized price includes all Pro plan features plus HR administration, inventory management, and thorough reporting.

In addition, When I Work offers additional features such as SMS functionality, integration with other software applications, and report customization on demand at corresponding prices.

Does When I Work support translation?

Currently, When I Work does not support translation into different languages. However, the application offers popular language options such as English, Spanish, French, German, Portuguese and Korean, so that users can easily use and understand its features. 

If you have any questions or require support, you can contact When I Work customer care for the best support.


Thus, through the instructions above, you can log in to your When I Work account easily and quickly through the When I Work Team Scheduling application on your mobile phone. If you have any problems while logging in or using the application, do not hesitate to contact When I Work customer care for timely assistance. 

Censusfgs hopes When I Work helps you manage your workday!

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