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ShareNote login instructions are here. Do you work in a hospital or mental health facility and need to access your ShareNote account? Instead, you might be interested in learning more about the sign-in process on ShareNote if you’re a new user of the service.

This article explains how to log into ShareNote. Discover more!

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Overview has assisted thousands of medical professionals and medical institutions throughout the United States with the safe and effective management and storage of patient information for over 17 years. Improve healthcare and administration with tools like notes and bookmarks, care plans, appointment scheduling, invoicing, and report generation.

ShareNote Features

ShareNote is a web-based solution that helps organizations in mental health care, child development, rehabilitation services, and drug dependency recovery, comply with state and regulatory regulations. customer data management. Here are the main features of ShareNote:

  • Customer information management: ShareNote provides users with a complete customer information management system, from medical examination history, treatment schedule, test results, and reports, helping professionals and Psychologists can access customer information easily.
  • Online data synchronization: ShareNote supports online data synchronization, allowing users to access customer information and perform tasks from anywhere, on any device with an internet connection. 
  • Decentralized access: ShareNote allows users to set access levels for each account, helping users protect customer information and maintain the privacy of customer records.
  • Online recording: ShareNote provides users with an online recording tool, allowing users to record customer information and monitor treatment progress.

ShareNote Login Guide On the Website

Sharing Notes accounts are easy to access and manage. Using ShareNote’s features and beginning to organize your to-dos and notes requires just a few clicks.

Start using Censusfgs by signing in to your ShareNote account. We hope the instructions will help you use ShareNote and appreciate its advantages:

Step 1: Access ShareNote website

The first step is to launch a web browser on your device (Chrome, Firefox, Edge, Safari, etc.).

Next, type “ShareNote login” into the URL bar, and then press Enter. Or, you may access ShareNote directly at

Then, on the homepage, you select the grey “User login” button on the upper right side.

ShareNote Login
Step 1 to login into your ShareNote Acc

Step 2: Type ShareNote login info

The ShareNote login form is prominently displayed on the main page.

Then, you enter your ShareNote “Username” and “Password” in the corresponding box.

login into your ShareNote Acc
Step 2 to login into your ShareNote Acc

Step 3: Click the sign-in button

After putting in all of your information, click “Login” to access your ShareNote account.

ShareNote login
Step 3 to login into your ShareNote Acc

After you’ve signed in successfully, ShareNote will take you to your account settings page. On this page, you may access the full range of ShareNote’s functionalities, including note-making, list-making, tag-management, and label-editing tools. Have fun using ShareNote!

NOTE: If you registered for ShareNote using your Google or Facebook account, you may use that account to sign in.

Recovery of Your ShareNote Password Instruction

If you’re using the ShareNote service and you’ve forgotten your password, don’t stress out too much; it happens to the best of us. Censusfgs will help you reset your password:

Step 1: Open ShareNote’s login box

First, you need to go to the homepage of ShareNote. Instead, you may sign in at

Next, go to the right to find the ShareNote login box.

Step 2: Choose the “Forgot password?”

After that, a blue “Forget password?” button will appear just above the login button.

Start password reset by clicking this button.

Recovery of Your ShareNote Password Instruction
Step 2 to recover your ShareNote password account

Step 3: Input your registered email

Then, enter the email address you used to sign up for a ShareNote account in the “Email address” box.

Next, press the “Submit” button to request a password reset.

Step 4: Check your email

ShareNote will send you a message with information on resetting your password.

Open that email and follow the instructions to recover the ShareNote account password.

Step 5: Relogin with new password

After recovering your password, you may use it to log in to ShareNote.

On the login screen, enter your new email and password and select “Sign in.”

Create Your ShareNote Online Account

Having a ShareNote account allows you to not only save your notes and documents but also manage them in an effective manner. You’ll be more efficient and save time as a result of this. Follow the comprehensive steps below to create your ShareNote account.

  1. Go to ShareNote’s web page.
  2. Then, click “Register” to create an account.
  3. Next, complete the required fields with your name, email, and password. Be aware that the password length requirement is 8 characters and that it must include both letters and digits.
  4. The next step is to enter the on-screen confirmation code into the appropriate fields.
  5. To create your account, please click the “Register” button.
  6. You’ll need to verify your account by clicking the link sent to your inbox.

Contact the ShareNote’s Customer Service

Contact the ShareNote’s Customer Service
Contact the ShareNote’s Customer Service

If you have any problems while using the service, contact ShareNote’s support team right once.

  • Call ShareNote’s call center directly: 844-758-3901. Your query or request will be sent to customer service.
  • Send an email to the customer care email address: In the email, you need to provide detailed information about the issue you are experiencing as well as your account information so that customer service can process your request correctly.
  • Visit the contact page on the website: You may provide a detailed description of the issue you’re having along with your contact information on this page. After that, a representative from customer support will contact you to discuss a solution to the problem.

Recommend Similar Platforms

Here are some suggestions for platforms similar to in the field of customer data management for organizations and businesses:

  • SimplePractice: This is a customer data management platform designed for psychology and mental health professionals. The platform offers features such as scheduling, booking, online payments, customer care, and document management.
  • TheraNest: TheraNest is a customer data management platform for psychological service providers and mental health professionals. The platform offers features like scheduling, document management, billing, and reporting.
  • Simple In/Out: Simple In/Out is a working time management platform based on GPS and Wi-Fi positioning. The platform provides businesses and organizations with a way to manage employee schedules, track work time, and calculate wages.
  • Clio: Clio is a client data management platform for attorneys and law offices. The platform offers features such as schedule management, document management, billing, and reporting.
  • Salesforce: Salesforce is a large customer data management platform widely used in many fields. The platform offers features such as customer management, sales management, service management, and marketing management.

All of these systems provide tools for managing client data for enterprises and organizations. These platforms might be useful for certain businesses while being inappropriate for others.

FAQs about ShareNote

FAQs about ShareNote
FAQs about ShareNote

Can I access ShareNote on a mobile device?

Absolutely not. ShareNote does not need any additional software to be installed since it operates in a browser. A working internet connection and an active web browser are prerequisites for a phone demonstration. Demonstrations in person need access to the internet at the venue.

Does ShareNote charge a fee?

Indeed, it has. Its price and set of features are tailored to each individual buyer. ShareNote’s more complex capabilities may need a paid membership, however, the app’s fundamental functionalities are available at no cost. Get in touch with ShareNote’s sales team for information on price and features if you’re considering signing up.

Does ShareNote meet state regulations?

Indeed, ShareNote is intended to meet state standards and is frequently used in mental health, rehabilitation, drug abuse programs, and other organizations.


To conclude, signing into your ShareNote account is the first and most crucial step to accessing the platform’s superb data management and customer service capabilities. ShareNote lets mental health, rehabilitation, and addiction treatment organizations store and monitor data with a simple interface and versatile capabilities. ShareNote also supports cross-platform access from any Internet-connected device. ShareNote helps addiction and mental health practitioners improve client care and keep clients healthy.

Thus, if you require data management and customer care in mental health and addiction treatment, check in to ShareNote and share your opinions with Censusfgs immediately!

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