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Second Step Login Guidance l Programs for Children

Second Step login is your trusted option for the social and emotional skills online learning platform for children and young people. There is a program called Second Step that teaches children from kindergarten all the way through high school helpful social and emotional skills using an online platform. You must be logged in to see courses and turn in assignments.

Censusfgs will explain how to log into Second Step and use their useful courses in this post.

Overview Second Step Programs

Second Step Programs for children and teens are focused on social skills and moral growth. The Committee for Children, a non-profit organization in the United States, founded the initiative in the 1970s.

Overview Second Step Programs
Overview Second Step Programs

With over 40 years of expertise in child education and development, Second Step Programs has established itself as one of the world’s top educational programs in social skills and character for children and young people. This software evolves to meet modern demands. Second Step Programs have helped millions of children and youth become confident, self-respecting, and loving persons in hundreds of schools and organizations worldwide.

Second Step Login Step-by-Step On the Website

If you’re new to Second Step and want to access your account but don’t know how to sign in, don’t worry! In this tutorial, Censusfgs will guide you step-by-step to log into your Second Step account simply and quickly.

Step 1: Open Second Step login page

To begin, please use an internet browser and go to, which is the homepage of Second step.

Next, on the upper right, click the blue button that says “Go to My Darshboard” to enter your Second Step credentials.

Second Step Login
Step 1 to login into your account

Step 2: Enter login information

After accessing the website, you will see a login page appear on your screen.

Next, input your Second step login credentials. Verify that the details you entered while logging in are valid.

When you are ready, choose the white “Continue” tab to enter your Second Step account.

Second Step login into your account
Step 2 to login into your account

After successful login, you will be directed to your personal information page. Here you can access Second step features and manage your account.

Good luck! If you experience any problems during login, contact Second step support for assistance.

How to Recovery Your Second Step Password?

If you are having problems with your Second Step account, such as forgetting your password or your account being locked, don’t worry! In this tutorial, Censusfgs will guide you step by step to recover your Second step account easily and quickly.

Step 1: Visit Second Step account recovery

Start by going to the login page for the Second Step.

After this, you’ll find a “Forget the password” link on the Second Step login page. To retrieve your account, click this link.

Step 2: Provide your email

After step 1, you will be redirected to a new page. 

On this page, you will be asked to enter your Second Step account registration email address. 

Then, you fill out your email address and press “Continue”.

Step 3: Check email

Second, you’ll get an email with a password reset link. Click the link in your email’s inbox or spam.

You’ll be sent to Second Step’s password reset page. 

Next, enter and reconfirm your new password. 

To finish account recovery, select “Continue.”

Creating Your Second Step Online Account

First and foremost, if you wish to use Second Step’s services, you must register on their website. This post will lead you through the process of creating a Second Step account. To register, you must have a functional email address as well as a password.

Through following these instructions, Censusfgs hopes you’ll be able to quickly and simply set up your own Second Step account.

Step 1: Visit the registration page

Start by visiting the Second Step homepage.

Next, click on the blue “Creating Account” button to begin the account registration process.

Creating Your Second Step Online Account
Step 1 to Creat Your Second Step Online Account

Step 2: Fill out your details

Following step 1, enter your name, email address, and password.

Once you have entered your information, please click the “Continue” button to confirm.

Creat Your Second Step Online Account
Step 2 to Creat Your Second Step Online Account

NOTE: Please ensure that the information you provide is correct and complete for successful account registration.

Step 3: Confirm the information

Enter the email confirmation code to verify your information.

After confirming your information, you will be directed to the Second Step account registration completion page.

From there, you’ve completed the Second Step account creation process.

Step 5: Verify your account

Following account registration, you must log in to your email and click the Second Step confirmation link.

Contact the Second Step Programs’ Support

Contact the Second Step Programs’ Support
Contact the Second Step Programs’ Support

Their help is available via the following channels for Second Step program queries and assistance:

  • Hotline: 800-634-4449 (toll-free).

Monday through Friday, 6:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.

  • Email: You can email for support. They will respond to your email as soon as possible.

Suggest Platforms Like Second Step Programs

Today’s market has various Second Step-like platforms, depending on the user’s demands. Try these additional platforms:

  • Positive Action: The teaching program Positive Action is comprehensive, touching on topics including mental and physical health.
  • LifeSkills Training: High school students may benefit greatly from this well-received curriculum, which teaches them to control their emotions and avoid destructive patterns of conduct.
  • Second Step SEL: Extended for high school and college students as well as working professionals, this is a development of the Second Step model. The goal of this software is to help the user grow into a more outgoing and capable person via the practice of social skills.
  • Zones of Regulation: This is a course designed to teach kids how to recognize and control their emotions.
  • MindUP: The goal of MindUP, a program designed for kids, is to help them become more self-aware and develop better emotional regulation skills. It is an inclusive curriculum designed to teach kids about psychology and develop their capacity for self-care in the realm of mental health.
  • e-DECA: Children from infancy to age 8 may benefit from the e-DECA login online assessment tool and curriculum, which allows instructors to track students’ progress toward social and emotional development goals.

FAQs about Second Step Programs

FAQs about Second Step Programs
FAQs about Second Step Programs

Are Second Step Programs free?

It’s true that there’s a fee to participate in Second Step Programs and use their services. The price depends on a number of factors, one of which is the specific bundle of services or lessons that you choose for. If you, a loved one, or a company are interested in learning more about the services and charges provided by Second Step Programs, you may do so by visiting their website.

Are Second Step Programs Effective?

Second Step Programs have been shown to improve social skills, emotional awareness, conflict resolution, confidence, and stress in children and young people. Second Step Programs have been shown to enhance learning, school safety, and student conduct in several independent studies.

Nevertheless, the efficacy of Second Step Programs is dependent on a variety of circumstances, including how it is administered, the age of the student, the learning environment, and its adaptability to the requirements of each individual school and kid.

Who can use Second Step Programs?

Everyone, including teachers, administrators, education professionals, and school support workers, may benefit from Second Step Programs. 

Moreover, parents may employ Second Step Programs to assist their children in developing social skills and resolving behavioral issues.


To further understand how to access Second Step programs, an online resource for teaching social and emotional skills, read this page. With a Second Step program account, users get access to training and support resources for social and emotional skills. Second Step applications need users to check in before they can be accessed, but doing so is quick and easy if you follow the on-screen prompts. Logging into a Second Step program is all that’s required to begin using the helpful resources for social and emotional growth.

Leave a comment below if you have any problems or questions about your Second Step account and Censusfgs will help you.

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