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Merrick Credit Card Login. How do you access key services and manage your account? How can your secured credit card be activated? How can I make a fresh credit card application? We will discuss key information regarding Merrick Bank and the consumer products it provides in this article. If you want to learn more about Merrick Bank, you may read this article.

Merrick Credit Card Introduction

Merrick Bank is among the most well-known financial institutions in the country. Since its founding in 1997, Merrick Bank has grown to have more than 3 million cardholders. Visa cards and Visa Platinum cards are available from Merrick Bank. Your Merrick Bank card can be used to make online credit card payments, or manage credit card loans. You also have your account’s security in addition to all of that.

About Merrick Bank

Credit and debit cards from Merrick Bank are both readily available and safe. In this piece, Merrick Bank cardholder may see their transaction history, check their balance, update their personal information, track their credit score, and more with the aid of this article. By using the login credentials provided by Bank Merrick, customers can access their Merrick bank accounts.

Credit Cards Types

  • Merrick Bank Double Your Line® Credit Card
  • Orlando Magic City Edition Credit Card
  • Double Your Line® Secured Card
  • Double Your Line® Secured Card


Annual Fee $0-$96
APR 20.45% – 30.70% *Variable
Setup Fee Max $75

Why should have Merrick Credit Card account?

Advantages of using Merrick Card

  • The high CD yield APR is lower than the standard APR for secured credit cards.
  • Focusing on RVs and ships.
  • Focus on helping customers with less-than-ideal credit.

Features of Card

  • Zero liability for fraud involving illegal transactions.
  • All secured credit cards are approved.
  • By making even the minimal payment for the first seven months, you can double your credit limit.
  • APR is low with secured cards.
  • Obtain your monthly FICO score.
  • You can manage your account via a Merrick Bank mobile app and electronic communication facility.
  • Your credit limit will automatically be evaluated, and your credit score will be submitted to three credit bureaus.

Requirements to Login Merrick Credit Card

  • An Internet-capable device, such as a personal computer with a suitable operating system, modem Internet access, and a suitable web browser are required.
  • Internet banking is done through the Internet and doesn’t require any specific software or access to a private network.
  • You can do Internet banking from almost anywhere in the globe if you have a computer with Internet access, a modem and telephone line, an Internet browser, and have registered with your financial institution for Internet banking service.

Login Merrick Online Account On The Website

It is very simple to maintain your account and carry out particular account-related duties online whether you already use a credit card from Merrick bank or any other product. Enter your Merrick bank account information to access all features.

Merrick Credit Card Login

Below is the login method instruction, please note it!

  1. Go to Merrick Credit Card homepage at
  2. Click the login button to move on to the login page
  3. Type your username/email and password to log in.How to Login Merrick online account on the website?
  4. Click the “Remember me” option to have the browser save your username for when you log in again
  5. Click the login button to complete that. You will log in successfully Merrick Credit Card page

Merrick Personal Loans Login

  1. On the customer LOG IN section, choose Personal Loans
  2. Enter your Username/Email and password
  3. Click Login

For what purpose should you get the Merrick Bank mobile app?

Merrick Bank provides its customers with an application to log in and manage their credit and debit cards in addition to issuing such cards. The benefits of this application are unique to it. For more information, continue reading.

  • Using Face ID and Touch ID scanning on approved devices, sign in and make payments.
  • Activate your Merrick Bank credit card.
  • Set up account notifications for Merrick Bank.
  • The balance of your Merrick Bank account.
  • Pay the invoice with your credit card from Merrick Bank.
  • View activities on your Merrick Bank credit card.
  • Utilizing your Merrick Bank credit card, request a balance transfer.
  • Control over the Merrick Bank account is required.

Sign in to Merrick Bank App

After reading this instruction, you may quickly sign into your Merrick Credit Card using the mobile app on your smartphone or tablet. I’m hoping you succeed!

  1. Download the Merrick Credit Card App on App Store or on Google Play.
  2. Launch the program you downloaded. The screen for logging in will appear.
  3. You need to enter your user ID and password.Sign in Merrick Credit Card on app
  4. Then, click on “Sign In” to access your Merrick Credit Card account.

Why am I unable to get access to Merrick Bank Mobile?

  • You may be having difficulty signing into your app account for a variety of reasons. The most typical reason is that the account or login credentials are incorrect. To help prevent this, double-check your details before logging in.
  • You will be unable to log in at times, but you will be warned in advance. Software upgrades will be made on a regular basis.
  • If the login page does not appear, check that the login account type in your browser is set to the correct one, or change your IP address.

Recover your password on Merrick Card

The methods to regain your login or password for your Merrick Bank credit card are listed below. Updates will be coming soon.

Step 1: Click forgot username or password button to move on to the recovery window

Step 2: Type the required information to reset your passwords such as your Account Number and Username

Recover your Merrick password

Step 3: Click continues button to complete to recover your password. You may reset the login or password for your Merrick Bank credit card in three easy steps.

Recover your username on Merrick Card

The methods to regain your login or username for your Merrick Bank credit card are listed below. Updates will be coming soon.

  1. On forgot password page, click forgot username button to move on to the reset page
  2. Enter the required information to recover your username including Account number, Last 4 digits of social security number, and Last Name.
  3. Click the continue button to complete to recover your username

You may reset the login or username for your Merrick Bank credit card in three easy steps.

Recover your Merrick username

Apply for a Merrick Credit Card Account

The steps for applying for a Merrick Bank credit card are listed below. Follow us for more information.

Step 1: On the login page, click the sign up now button to create your account or follow this link:

Step 2: Enter your information account including Account Number, Date of birth, and Social Security Number

Sign up Merrick account

Step 3: Click the next button to complete. Make sure that your information is correct.

You can apply for a Merrick Bank credit card in the following 3 steps. Now you can log in payment customer account to use online service such as credit card payments.

How to apply for security deposit card products?

  1. Access the secured card page at
  2. Choose a suitable card: Double Your Line® Secured Credit Card or
    Classic Secured Credit Card
  3. Click apply now
  4. On the Personal Information section, choose the color of your card and fill in your info
  5. Then you click continue to complete Financial Information, E-Sign Disclosure, Summary of Terms, Pay Deposit, and Application Summary.

Note: The Merrick Bank Secured Card requires a minimum payment of either $35 or 1% of your balance, whichever is higher, in addition to any interest and fees that may be accrued. If your current balance is less than $35, the minimum payment that is required for your Merrick Bank Secured Card is the same amount that you owe.

Merrick credit card activation

Your card can be activated in 3 different ways following.

  • On Merrick Credit Card website: The activation process will start as you enter your card information on activate page at
  • On the Merrick Credit Card app: You need to log in then go to activate section.
  • Call the agent: Call 1-800-204-5936 to activate your card.

How to Make Merrick Credit Card payment?

Online payment

  1. You need to access card login payment
  2. Fill in the information
  3. Submit to complete

Make a payment by phone

To make a secure, quick, and easy phone payment on a Merrick Bank credit card, call 1-800-204-5936 (TTY/TDD: 1-800-253-4563).

For inquiries about your account, billing disputes, or other general issues, get in touch with customer support.

Make a payment by email

Merrick Bank

Customer Service

PO Box 9201

Old Bethpage, NY 11804-9001

Payment address

Merrick Bank

PO Box 660702

Dallas, TX 75266-0702

Contact Merrick Bank Customer Service

Merrick Bank Customer Service

You can refer to the following guidelines for Merrick bank customer assistance with any queries or problems you might have regarding your account or with the Merrick Bank sign in:

  • Log in at
  • Click the link to the FAQs at the bottom of the page.
  • Click the Credit Card FAQs link for questions regarding credit cards.
  • Look over the most frequently asked queries in this section.
  • Call the toll-free number shown on the back of your credit card if you have any questions that cannot be answered in this section.

Contact by phone

  • To make a secure, quick, and easy phone payment on a Merrick Bank credit card, call 1-800-204-5936 (TTY/TDD: 1-800-253-4563).
  • For inquiries about your account, billing disputes, or other general issues, get in touch with customer support.

Contact by mail

Merrick Bank

Customer Service

PO Box 9201

Old Bethpage, NY 11804-9001

Payment address

Merrick Bank

PO Box 660702

Dallas, TX 75266-0702

Merrick Bank

P.O. Box 660702
Dallas, TX 75266-0702

For overnight mailings, send them directly to:

Merrick Bank

Attn: Lockbox Operations #660702
2701 East Grau Wyler Road, BLDG 1
Irving, TX 75061

FAQs about Merrick credit card

When is my payment deemed to be past due?

If your payment is not received by Merrick Bank by the payment due date the day on which it must be delivered in order to avoid incurring late fees it will be deemed late. A late payment fee will be applied to your account if the minimum payment is not collected by the deadline.

I want a copy of my credit report. How can I get one?

Every 12 months, you are entitled by federal law to a free copy of your credit report from each credit reporting company. You can obtain them at or by calling the credit reporting companies at the numbers provided below:

  • Call 1-800-685-1111 for Equifax.
  • 1-800-888-4213 TransUnion
  • Dial 1-888-397-3742 for Experian.

What should I do if I think my statement contains a mistake?

Write to us at: if you think your statement has an error.

Merrick Bank Old Bethpage, NY 11804-9001 P.O. Box 9201

Please include the following details in your letter:

  • Your account number and name.
  • The monetary value of the alleged inaccuracy
  • Describe what you think is inaccurate and why, in your opinion.
  • To get in touch, you must:

60 days following the day the inaccuracy was discovered on your statement
If you want to stop an automated payment from covering an expense, you must do so at least 3 working days in advance.

Wrap up

In conclusion, Merrick Credit Card Login allows cardholders to manage their accounts safely and easily. Cardholders can view transactions, pay bills, and track spending using multi-factor authentication and online account management. Cardholders can rapidly access their accounts and execute banking operations using the login process’s straightforward UI.

Overall, Merrick’s credit card login system is a useful tool to cardholders, offering a dependable and secure method of managing their finances.

Census Outreach believes that this article will be useful to those of you who frequently use your Merrick Bank account for its convenience.

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