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Loves The Wave Login Employee Portal – Love’S Travel Stops

If you are unfamiliar with how to utilize the Loves the Wave Login portal service? Review this post. You will be familiar with all that is presented there and can easily log in and recover passwords.

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About Loves Travel Stops

Love’s Travel Stops & Country Stores, an Oklahoma City-based company founded in 1964, has more than 590 locations across 42 states and offers professional truck drivers and motorists 24-hour access to clean and secure locations to buy gasoline, diesel fuel, compressed natural gas (CNG), travel accessories, electronics, snacks with the privacy policy. 

Love’s Truck Care provides light mechanical services, roadside assistance, and heavy-duty tyre care, including TirePass. Love’s Financial provides professional drivers with freight bill factoring and back-office assistance, while Love’s Hospitality offers an expanding network of motels and storage rental facilities.

More than 37,000 people work for The Love’s Family of Companies, which also has corporate headquarters in Oklahoma City, corporate offices with Musket Corporation, and corporate offices with Trillium. 

We have travel stations, Speedco locations, and country stores all around the country. This is in addition to the men and women that work for Gemini Motor Transport to transport our fuel across the country. Our staff members are committed to supporting Love’s Customers as well as the neighborhoods where we live and work.

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Wave Loves Employee Portal Benefits

Wave loves employee portal benefits login

You Can Rely On Culture

  • Every choice we make is guided by our core principles. They influence our corporate culture. Most importantly, they may be seen in every member of Love’s staff.
  • Keep the customer at the center of all we do.
  • Integrity in all of our daily deeds.
  • Show that you have a good work ethic.
  • Think creatively to create new chances.
  • Keep looking for any and all opportunities.
  • Every retail team and corporate office department participates in the same team festivities and honors, such as on-the-spot merit certificates and anniversaries.

Benefits That Are Unrivaled

  • Plans for health, dental, vision, and life insurance.
  • Comparable wages.
  • Hourly team members and managers are paid weekly.
  • Salaried managers and corporate staff receive biweekly payments.
  • Pay for holidays for those who choose to work them.
  • Program for team member bonuses.
  • The profit-sharing scheme and quarterly bonuses are available to management.
  • Paid vacation.
  • Vacation.
  • Any employee may be eligible.
  • Holidays.
  • Only employees of corporations are eligible for paid holidays.
  • I’m sick.
  • according to state legislation.
  • Savings plan under the 401(k) WITH matching contributions.

You Can Develop Here

  • To succeed, the Love’s Family of Companies must promote from within. This reinforces our fundamental principles as well. Team members that uphold honesty, have a solid work ethic and come up with novel solutions frequently receive promotions.
  • We offer many options to personally oversee a store or provide support for the corporate office in Oklahoma City thanks to our rapid expansion of nearly 40 site openings per year.
  • Through initiatives like Road to Success, Love’s University, and our diesel mechanic apprenticeship, we provide countless chances for training.

Opportunity to give back to the community on a regular basis

  • Did you know that Love’s donates $2,000 to a nearby charity or school each time a new restaurant opens? Additionally, each store is given a budget for charitable donations each year to support a cause dear to their staff.
  • Millions of dollars have been given to Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals by Love’s over the course of more than 20 years.
  • Each Valentine’s Day, the Love corporate headquarters in Oklahoma City attend their Share The Love celebration. Numerous Love employees volunteer in various parts of the city.

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At Love’s, leaders are created

  • The Love family is at the center of everything. In 1964, Tom and Judy Love established Love’s Travel Stops. They all continue to be essential members of the business.
  • At Love’s, thousands of shift leaders, managers, directors, and supervisors provide an excellent example for their teams. These people foster Love’s culture by being powerful, inspiring leaders. 

Loves the Wave Login Requirements

  • Official Loves Wave Login website portal address
  • Use a valid login and password to access Loves Wave.
  • A laptop, smartphone, or another mobile device
  • You’re using a new version of your browser.

This is some provision you need to check before you sign in Loves Wave

Loves The Wave Login Steps

Loves the wave login 2

Please follow the instructions below in order to access The Wave Loves site effectively. These procedures will guarantee a seamless portal login.

  1. Go to and click the portal link for Loves Wave Login.
  2. The previous page will now appear. You must sign in with your on this page.
  3. Please proceed to the “Next” button and click it when you have completed the necessary information.
  4. Follow Loves Wave’s next set of instructions.

Reset The Forgotten Personal Password

How to reset the forgotten personal password

You must reset your password if you don’t have it with you or if you’ve lost it. You are unable to sign in and access the Loves Login account without your password. Please follow the procedures below.

  1. Visit or to see the official Loves The Wave website.
  2. Choose “Can’t access your account?” on the Loves Sign In page.
  3. Choose the Work or School Account option. Once it is finished, move on and select “Next.”
  4. Provide the correct Mywave Loves Login or linked email address in order to retrieve your account.
  5. Answer the “text captcha” that appears on the screen after that.
  6. Continue adhering to the following directions.

How to reset the forgotten personal password 2

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Loves The Wave Login Help

You should be aware of the contact information that will enable you to resolve any issues you may be experiencing if you are unable to access the official Thewave.Loves.Com Login Page with your device, are unable to log in using your credentials, or experience any other technical or other issues.

  • or is the official website 
  • Call 1.800.655.6837.
  • Call from 8 AM to 5 PM, Monday through Friday (CST).
  • On Sundays and throughout the holidays, the shop and its services are closed.


What is My Love Reward Card?

Users of Love’s reward card can earn varying points for every dollar they spend. If you have a My Love Reward Card, you can use it to buy or eat while earning these shopping points by visiting your favorite retailers.

With this cashback card, users receive the best benefits for each and every dollar they spend.

What website is the official one for Loves Employee Login?

Many individuals click the wrong link and think they are logging into The Wave Loves Employee Login page. But you can go to by clicking on it. You can enter your login information, including your username and password, and then click “Sign In” here.

You can access this website and log in as an employee if you are employed by Love’s and have an official Love’s Network ID or IDM.

How does a love app work?

Give us a list of the items you want to sell, and we’ll either pick them up in NYC at a time that works for you, or we’ll send a shipping box and label. While you unwind, our team will handle the bother, snap pictures, and record videos. The Love team will confirm all tech. As soon as your things are sold, we’ll handle delivery and pay you!

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Wrap Up

Loves The Wave Login is an incredible platform that lets Love’s Connect clients manage their petroleum purchases, transaction history, and rewards points. It’s also easy to use! The Love’s The Wave Login’s safe and intuitive graphical user interface makes accessing your account information and using Love’s Travel Stops & Country Shops’ services easy. Like No matter how often you travel, the Wave Login makes managing gas purchases and rewards points easy.

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