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Indigo Credit Card Login – Access Indigo Platinum MasterCard

Indigo Credit Card Login, Payments & Customer Service. If you are wondering how to login into your Indigo Credit Card account, you’ve come to the right place. This post will meet your requirements about it. Additionally, we will show you how to register, recover your account, make a payment, contact customer service, and some information about Indigo Credit Card.

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Overview of Indigo Credit CardOverview of Indigo Credit Card

For consumers with less-than-perfect credit who need to borrow up to $300 without putting down a security deposit, the Indigo® Mastercard® is a good credit card.

The $0 – $99 annual fee and high APR of the Indigo Card are only worthwhile when you have few other credit card options and urgent expenses to pay. Additionally, the Indigo Card is more expensive than the majority of unsecured credit cards for persons with bad credit.

Benefits of the Indigo Credit Card

Credit limit of $300

The $300 credit limit on the Indigo Card. In other words, depending on the annual price, you might only have $201 to spend at first. Unsecured credit cards for those with bad credit don’t typically give much more than that, though.

Can aid in credit building

Each month, the Indigo Credit Card sends account details to the three main credit bureaus. Your credit score will increase if this information shows on-time payments and responsible credit usage. One of your primary goals with this kind of credit card should be to achieve that.

Enables risk-free evaluation of your chances of approval

Before submitting an application for the Indigo Card, you can check to see if you are pre-qualified. A “soft pull” of your credit history, which has no effect on your credit score, is used to determine your pre-qualification.

Additionally, becoming pre-qualified will let you know that your chances of being approved are very good. However, pre-qualification does not ensure approval.

Indigo Credit Card Annual Fees

When you apply, annual costs are determined by your creditworthiness. Depending on elements including your credit history, income, and debt, the first year’s annual charge for the Indigo Card might be $0, $59, or $75. The cost per year increases to $99 after the second year.

The typical annual cost for credit card offers is just $21. Additionally, many credit cards for those with bad credit come with no annual fees because they are all secured cards.

Advantages of Login into your Indigo Credit Card AccountAdvantages of Login into your Indigo Credit Card Account

Maintain Focus with 24 Hour Account Access

Every day of the year, 365 days a year, you can view your balance, transactions, and statement, and make or schedule payments. Everything you require is in this place.

Payments are Secure and Convenient

With their quick and secure system, you may make a payment with the assurance that your account is safe.

For even more convenience, set up autopay.

Make sure your payments are made on schedule each month by setting up Autopay. With Autopay, you can forget about worrying about payments.

Login into the Indigo Credit Card Account

Let’s get this tutorial going and examine the online Indigo Credit Card Login procedures. These are the ones listed below. Never overlook a step while logging onto your Indigo Credit Card; follow the instructions below:

  • Step 1: Navigate to the homepage of Indigo Credit Card at
  • Step 2: On this page, fill in your Username and Password. After that, press the “Log In” button to get access to your Indigo Credit Card account.How to Login into the Indigo Credit Card Account?

These steps are so simple, right? Just follow it to log in to your account!

Recover your Indigo Credit Card Account

If you can’t remember your Indigo Credit Card login account, just follow these steps:

Reset your Password

  • Step 1: Visit the home page of the Indigo Credit card by entering the provided link:
  • Step 2: From the homepage, click “Forgot your Username or Password?” to navigate to Reset Password.
  • Step 3: Enter your User Name, Last 4 Digits of Card, Date of Birth, and Social Security Number
  • Step 4: After that, click “Reset Password” and new password information will be sent to the email address on your account.How to Recover your Indigo Credit Card Account?

Request your Username

  • Step 1: Click the provided link: to visit the home page of the Indigo Credit card.
  • Step 2: From the homepage, click “Forgot your Username or Password?” to navigate to the Forgot Username page.
  • Step 3: Scroll down the page and then enter your 16-Digit Account Number, Date of Birth, and Social Security Number.How to Recover your Indigo Credit Card Account?
  • Step 4: After that, click “Request Username” and an email containing the username associated with the email address will be sent.

Congratulation! You have successfully recovered your Indigo credit card account.

Register an Indigo Credit Card Account Online

The steps to register a new Indigo Credit Card account is simple and easy to follow. The instructions are as follows:

  • Step 1: Click the following link: to access the Indigo Credit Card login page.
  • Step 2: And from the credit card page, click the “Register Your Account” button to redirect to the Register Your Account section.
  • Step 3: Enter your Card Number, Date of Birth, and Social Security Number. Then click “Continue to Next Step” to keep on.How to Register an Indigo Credit Card Account Online?
  • Step 4: After that, follow the next prompts on the website to register a new Indigo Credit Card account.

Now you will successfully register your Indigo Credit Card account and you can log in to your account immediately.

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Make Your Indigo Credit Card Payment

You can pay your Indigo Credit Card bill most easily online or by calling (866) 946-9545. As an alternative, you can mail payment. The minimum monthly payment for the Indigo Credit Card is $40, or 7% of your debt, whichever is greater.

Here’s how to use your Indigo Credit Card to make a payment:

Pay Online

To pay your bills online, log into your Indigo account and select the “Bill Pay” tab. The routing and account information for your bank account should be entered together with the payment amount and due date.

To ensure that your payment is credited the same day, submit it by 5 p.m. Pacific Time. After-hours payments will be credited on the following calendar day.

Pay by Phone

Making a payment over the phone is also an option. Call the Indigo Credit Card customer support line at (866) 946-9545 to do so. Before they can connect you to a representative, they will ask you for your account number.

Pay by Mail

As an alternative, you can mail your check or money order. The location is:

Genesis FS Card Services

PO Box 4477

Beaverton, OR 97076-4477

Making ensuring your monthly Indigo Credit Card payment is credited by the due date is crucial. Be careful to give yourself at least seven business days for your money to arrive if you’re mailing it in. A $40 fee and a penalty APR will be applied to any late payments.

Since the Indigo Credit Card is designed for people with weak credit, you don’t want to make your credit situation worse by making late or missed payments, which also lower your credit score.

Avoid Late Payment Fees

Follow the tips given below to prevent your late payment charges:

  1. Check the Payment Due Date and monthly Minimum Payment Due as soon as you receive your monthly billing statement.
  2. Make sure you pay your bill on the due date every month, or at least the minimal amount. Please allow at least seven (7) business days for postal delivery if you send your money via mail.
  3. Alternatively, you can call us to make a payment over the phone or make an online payment through their website.

Apply for Indigo Pre-Approval

Online pre-approval for the Indigo Credit Card is simple to apply for. Simply provide your entire legal name, address, birth date, Social Security number, email address, and phone number on the Indigo Credit Card website.

An answer to your request for an Indigo Credit Card pre-approval should be given to you shortly after you submit your application.

Anyone who desires the Indigo Credit Card should understand how to manage the application procedure since you must first pre-qualify for the card before you can formally open an account. Even if you now understand the fundamentals, there are still some more critical details you need to be aware of.

What you should know about pre-approval for an Indigo Credit Card is as follows:

  1. You must still make a formal application for the Indigo Credit Card even though pre-qualification is required.
  2. Pre-approval checks, unlike the majority of credit card applications, won’t temporarily lower your credit score. It is based on a “soft” credit check, which explains why.
  3. Pre-approval or pre-qualification only suggests that you have a good chance of getting approved; it is not a promise.
  4. You might be asked to apply for a different card from another bank if you don’t already qualify for the Indigo Credit Card.

If you received a letter with an offer for an Indigo Credit Card, you can apply online by providing your ZIP code and the invitation number stated on the letter.

Remember that the majority of credit card applications will result in a hard draw, which could temporarily lower your credit score. In order to ensure that your credit is in the best possible form when you apply, you may sign up for free credit reports and scores from WalletHub in the meantime.

How to Check Your Indigo Credit Card Balance?

You can check the balance on your Indigo Credit Card online or by calling (800) 353-5920.

Check Online

Open an account using the Indigo Credit Card. You can do a lot of things online in addition to monitoring your balance, such as paying your credit card bill and keeping track of account activity. Enroll in online banking first if you don’t already have access to your online account.

Check via Phone

Dial (800) 353-5920 and follow the instructions to speak with a customer service agent.

Monitoring the balance on your Indigo Credit Card is a smart idea. Take a minute to review your most recent transactions to see if there have been any unusual transactions if your balance appears to be greater than it should be.

Cancel your Indigo Credit Card

It’s crucial to be aware that depending on the card’s credit limit and how long you’ve had it, canceling an Indigo Credit Card could result in a drop in your credit score.

Call (800) 353-5920 to cancel your Indigo® Mastercard® for Less Than Perfect Credit. Online or postal cancellations are not available.

Be advised that you must continue to pay at least the minimum payment on the canceled account each month until the balance is paid in full if there is still a balance on the account. The payment mechanism for any recurring payments connected to your Indigo Credit Card must also be updated.

Indigo Credit Card Customer ServiceIndigo Credit Card Customer Service

Contact Indigo Credit Card’s customer service at the following information for support if you need it with any issues:

Customer Care:


Technical Support:




Correspondence address:

Genesis FS Card Services

PO Box 4477

Beaverton, OR 97076-4477

FAQs about Indigo Platinum MasterCardFAQs about Indigo Credit Card Login

Can I take money off my Indigo credit card?

Yes. You can use your Indigo Mastercard for cash advances at numerous financial institutions, subject to credit approval. For further details on cash advances, please see your Cardholder Agreement (issued with your new card if approved).

Who can apply for the Indigo Mastercard?

The Indigo Mastercard is open to anyone interested in developing or restoring their credit. In order to be pre-qualified or approved, you must:

  • Have a valid social security number, physical address, and US IP address. Must be at least 18 years old (19 in AL).
  • Not have had a delinquent Indigo Mastercard account that was charged off.
  • Comply with extra credit qualification requirements, such as identification verification standards and an assessment of your debt and income.

Does the Indigo card ever increase credit limit?

Unfortunately, you cannot increase the credit limit on your Indigo Credit Card. Your assigned credit limit cannot be raised after approval. Many credit cards provide cardholders the choice to ask for credit limit increases or automatically grant them to those who meet specific requirements.


And that concludes today’s post! Indigo Credit Card Login is a great tool for credit card account management. It’s easy to use, so you can quickly access and manage your vital data. The best part is that the latest security procedures secure your personal data. Overall, the Indigo Credit Card Login system is a great approach to easily managing your credit card needs. Don’t wait—try it now!

We appreciate you reading the post. Census Outreach believes that this article will be helpful to those of you who frequently use your Indigo Credit Card account for its convenience.

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