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EZLynx Login Instructions & Manage your insurance agency

EZLynx Login instructions can be found in this post. You can streamline all the agency’s workflow, boost sales and marketing efforts and cut costs if you have an EZLynx account. We’ll explain how to utilize it and how it may help the performance of your business. 

Let’s get started. 

About EZLynx 

About EZLynx

After being frustrated by how long an agent took to run and gather quotes from multiple carriers, the founder of EZLynx decided to come out of retirement and tackle this challenge. Then, EZLynx was founded by four colleagues committed to solving insurance agent’s most pressing problems in 2003. 

EZLynx is much more than just a rating company. It expanded to include solutions that transform every aspect of agency life, including consumer-facing quoting & self-service, customer life-cycle management, automated email marketing, and website solutions.

It provides back-office management features, CRM and marketing automation tools that helps agencies improve relationships with customers and prospects. In addition, you can analyze the status of your clients’ account via reporting tools. 

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Reasons for choosing EZLynx 

Popular and Fastest Growing

According to Independent Insurance Agents & Brokers of America’s Agency Universe study, EZLynx is one of the fastest growing management systems. With the philosophy that puts customers’ success first, its own success follows, this makes this system different and outstanding. 

One Platform

Different from other vendors using the patchwork of the products, EZLynx gives agents one login to access all of your agency solution tools that work together. EZLynx is the only agency solution in the industry that is truly ONE PLATFORM. 

Agency Pulse

Through a monthly analytics report, this tool provides an easy-to read snapshot about your agency’s health. This means you can monitor key performance indicators that are changing to forecast where you want your business to go. It also provides a simple summary of important agency metrics like book size, retention rate, close ratios,… 

Many supporting tools

Not only Agency Pulse, there are various tools that EZLynx provides in order to accurately solve problems such as Retention Center, Data Migration, Policy Compare… 

Some prerequisites to using EZLynx account 

  • A computer with a suitable operating system is required and the relevant web browser in order to connect the Internet. 
  • Your insurance agency can be managed without the need for specialized software or access to a private network because it is done over the Internet. 
  • As long as you have a computer with Internet connectivity, a modem and and Internet browser, you may do your management from anywhere in the world. 

EZLynx login online account 

EZLynx login

Then, click “Log in” button after filling out correctly your information. You will login successfully after this step. 

Recover your EZLynx online account’s password. 

If you accidentally forget your password, follow the following instructions to reset your online account’s password. 

Step 1: Go the EZLynx login account login homepage by clicking the link: 


Step 2: Then, click on the “Forgot Password?” button as the image shown below. 

Recover your EZLynx online account’s password.

After that, the directed page requires you to enter required information including your username. 

Next, clicking “I’m not a robot”  means that you give Google permission to analyze your online behavior to know if you are human. 

Finally, click the “Reset Password” button and your password will be mailed to your address following the validation of your personal details.

Sign up for a EZLynx account one the website 

If you are new to the software, you need to sign up first  by following these instructions below. Keep your personal details available before continuing the registration process. 

Step 1: Go to the EZLynx sign up home page by clicking the link:   https://www.ezlynx.com/get-started.html 

Step 2: Fill out your personal information as required below

  • First name
  • Last name
  • Email Address
  • Company name

Sign up for a EZLynx account on the website

Then click the “Submit” button once you’ve finished filling out required information. The system will receive your information and it will contact you later. 


  • You need to check out carefully your information, especially your email address because it may send back to you some important information as confirmation. 
  • If you keep being immediately returned to the log in, without an error message, you should add EZLynx as the trusted site on your computer 

EZLynx Reviews from users


  • “It has saved me so much time from going into each company and trying it myself, they make it quick and user-friendly”
  • “Used the management system along with the web site. The web site development team is fantastic.”
  • “Supports most carriers and best integration with them. Good integration with HawkSoft and other agency management systems.”
  • “In EzLynx, your customer data is stored securely and permanently unless you delete it explicitly.”


  • “Terrible reporting features, not able to run birthdays with everything else. Bad customer support/on boarding and training.”
  • “Obtaining accurate reports is very difficult. They are often broken and will timeout during download.”
  • Like almost every technology and software company, they say the same thing over and over on why the functions don’t work”

Contact EZLynx’s Customer Service 

If you are having any trouble using the software, please contact the customer service of EZLynx. The EZLynx support team can be reached by users via social media, phone and email provided below. 

  • Social Media: There is a Digital Assistant in the corner of the website that users can utilize when having any problems. It may take time to reply to your message. 
  • By Phone: In case you want to get quick response, or do not have the Internet connectivity, please dial this number: 877-932-2382
  • Email: Users can mail to: support@ezlynx.com for help or queries. 

Note: Support Hours (CST) is 8:00 A.M to 7:00 P.M from Monday – Thursday and  8:00 A.M to 6:00 P.M on Friday. And it does not work on the weekend. 

FAQs about EZLynx 

Does EZLynx have an app?

You can access EZLynx.com on your iPhone or Android device via EZLynx. It helps you to quickly look for customer data on the go

Is EZLynx a management system?

→ No. It is a an insurance agency management software that streamlines all agency workflows

Does EZLynx Rating Engine integrate with other vendors’ agency management platforms? 

Absolutely! With EZUpload Client, a new applicant is automatically created in EZLynx with a quick transfer from the non-EZLynx Management System. The rating application auto-fills with the transfer data makes rating as quick as feasible with two different systems. 

How do I find the Quote History for a particular applicant? 

→ A history of every quote that has been submitted for a particular applicant can be seen by clicking on the “Quotes” tab on the website. 


In a nutshell, EZLynx is one of the best solutions for any growing insurance agent. It allows the agency to manage its customers, streamline its work and generate more business by focusing more on marketing. 

Logging in and using EZLynx is cruel for those who care about this software due to its convenience and user-friendly. EZLynx has designed the login process to be simple and easy, saving users time and energy. 

With these above instructions, users will be able to access EZLynx software within a short time. Censusfgs hope you succeed in logging and have a great experience with this system. 

Thank you very much for reading the EZLynx login article. If you have any other questions, leave a comment here,  Census FGS will answer you as soon as possible. 

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