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Aladtec Login: Access to account & Customer services 2022

Aladtec Login: It is personnel scheduling software geared toward companies in the public safety industry, including EMS, Fire & Rescue, Law Enforcement, Communication Centers/Dispatch, Security, and Healthcare. In this article, I will guide you how to sign in online account on the website, register for account as well as customer services.

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Overview of Aladtec Portal

Aladtec is a software program for managing and modifying intricate employee schedules. It can be used in a variety of fields, including EMS, fire/rescue, law enforcement, communications, healthcare, security, and public administration. With constantly shifting schedules and various levels of training, Aladtec assists in managing staff.

Overview of Aladtec Portal

Aladtec employee schedule enables employees to submit their availability so that managers can efficiently fill schedules based on that availability, as well as seniority and hours worked.

The records management feature enables users to create forms and view the member database, which includes tracking employee training, plans integrations support, contact information, support license agreement, and certifications, reporting tools premade as well as an unlimited number of custom fields.

EMS Agencies adore Aladtec’s Online Workforce Management and Employee Scheduling Software.

Benefits of Using Aladtec Portal

Users can specify access levels and limitations for seeing private data, as well as permissions to alter schedules and practically all other editable administrative elements, with Aladtec. Users can also configure almost every component of the system.

Simple and fast methods for scheduling employees.

The process of overseeing an employee’s work schedule can be laborious and time-consuming. Making, maintaining, and updating shifts for numerous personnel is difficult. However, thanks to Aladtec, scheduling the workforce has become a rapid and effective process that benefits both HR managers and employees.

Employees can sign up for shifts and input their availability through the service’s manual scheduling option, which enables seamless scheduling modifications. On the other hand, rotational scheduling gives HR teams a solid foundation to make significant changes to routine duties and procedures.

Excellent tool for admins and staff to communicate.

In any workplace, communication is essential. In companies and organizations that oversee a huge staff, it becomes even more crucial. The communication tool from Aladtec boosts employee morale and teamwork and track time, system accruals, coverage requests, system messaging, reporting tools, scheduled time, time clock module, time clock hours

The program enables you to send a Required Message to require employees to read and acknowledge a message before they may access the system. The system will allow you to send a Find Coverage request if you want to alert all qualified workers to an unexpected last-minute shift opening.

Access to Aladtec Online account on the website

Requirement for Aladtec Portal Page

  1. To connect to the Internet, a computer needs the necessary web browser, the correct operating system, and modem Internet connectivity.
  2. Because internet banking is done over the internet, it can be done without the requirement for a specific software or access to a private network.
  3. Online banking is accessible to anyone on the planet with a computer with Internet access, a modem, a phone line, and an Internet browser. You also need to have registered for online banking with your financial institution.

Aladtec Login Portal guidelines

Step 1: Go to the official website of Aladtec Portal by the URL: https://www.aladtec.com/

Step 2: Click the customer log in button on the home page of Aladtec to move on to the sign page

Click customer login to move on to the sign in page

Step 3: Type your email, username and password to access the page

Type your email, username and password to access the page

Then click the login-aladtec’s button to complete to access the page. Make sure that your information is correct.

Register for an Aladtec account

  • Step 1: Go to the official website of Aladtec Portal by the URL: https://www.aladtec.com/
  • Step 2: Click try Aladtec now on the home page to move on to the register page.
  • Step 3: Type the required information to sign up for an account

Type the required information to sign up for account

Then click” Start free trial now” to complete to sign up for an account

Login Help?

This is the best choice if you want to fully utilize the Aladtec system.
You can request a custom-guided tour of the Aladtec system by calling 888.749.5550. We’ll put you in touch with an account executive who will spend time getting to know your department’s procedures and difficulties.

Sign in Aladtec account on the mobile app

Any smartphone or other mobile device with an Internet connection can access your Aladtec system. The system will automatically detect the mobile browser and load the mobile version when used on a smartphone.

Choose either the iOS or Android video below for a step-by-step tutorial on how to add a shortcut to the program to your device’s home screen.

Aladtec on iOS:

Aladtec on Android:

As always, feel free to contact your Support Team at support@aladtec.com or 888.749.5550 if you have any questions about this blog or need any other assistance. And I appreciate you picking Aladtec.

Aladtec Features

  • Online Scheduling: Easily manages complicated employee rotation scheduling
  • Supported: Forms – Create, complete, review, and store office forms in the system
  • Supported: Reporting Capabilities – Create custom reports using any data in the system
  • Supported: System Log – Monitor all system activity – no more “he said, she said”
  • Mobility is supported; any computer, smartphone, or another mobile device with Internet connectivity can access the system at any time of day or night.
  • Supported: Employee Data Management – Quickly and easily save and access contact details, credentials, etc.
  • Supported: Library – Distribute documents, instructional videos, and meeting notes to the staff
  • Supported: Discussions – Inform staff through dialogue Supported: Sync Calendars –
  • Combine personal and work calendars Supported: Payroll Integration – Export work hours to different payroll software systems
  • Time Clock is a supported add-on option.

Customer services for Aladtec

Customer services for Aladtec Portal

Providing for Your Needs

Our sales and support staff are available to answer any questions you may have regarding our product and to assist you in deciding whether Aladtec will satisfy your needs. If you decide to do business with us, our team will continue to support you and work hard to go above and beyond your expectations.

Free Setup

No setup fees are assessed by us. As we work with you to design your system to best suit your needs, we take the time to understand your present operations such as firefighters, the internet, internet, text message, smartphone, ambulance service, mobile device, computer, spreadsheets, tcp, time clock, ambulance, communications

Rapid, Trustworthy Hosting

Our dedicated servers are housed in top-notch, highly secure facilities in the United States and Canada. The same hosting and security professionals who have been a member of our team for more than 10 years keep an eye on the servers around-the-clock.

Free Support and Training

Our phone, email, chat, and video tutorial support staff are sure that you’ll find our system easy to understand. Even for ongoing support, we offer free monthly webinars.

Contact information

  • Phone: 888.749.5550
  • Online Chat: located on website or your system’s Help section
  • Email: support@aladtec.com
  • Mailing Address

    TCP Software | Aladtec
    1 Time Clock Drive
    San Angelo, TX 76904

FAQs about Aladtec

What does a subscription to Aladtec cost?

The Aladtec HR scheduling software has a beginning monthly fee of $166 and is payable annually. Sadly, this is a quote-based system, meaning that prices depend on the size and nature of the business or organization.

You must speak with the vendor directly if you want to find out more about the various subscription plans, they offer. Aladtec provides a free trial that doesn’t require a credit card.

What Is Aladtec?

Certain HR processes, like scheduling and shift management, are automated and streamlined by the Aladtec solution. With the help of the service, staff members and employees can remotely submit their availability and request shift changes or personal time off (PTO) from a variety of gadgets, including smartphones and tablets.

To find the best employee to cover a shift or put into overtime, HR managers and admins automatically receive alerts if any changes are made to the schedules. Employees can then swap or donate their shifts to other workers who meet the same requirements.

According to the configurations and settings made by the HR manager or scheduler, modifications to the scheduling are automatically approved.

What are the main advantages of utilizing Aladtec?

By utilizing Aladtec, managers can lessen employee complaints and turnover while increasing fairness and transparency and removing accusations of favoritism.

Users can set daily, weekly, monthly, and other maximum work hour caps for each employee and get alerts when someone is about to be scheduled for overtime.

Employees can use Aladtec to submit their availability for upcoming schedules and indicate which time slots they prefer, are available for, or are not.

We are grateful that you spend time reading the article. Census Outreach believes that those of you who frequently use your Aladtec account will find this article to be useful.

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